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A War Diary of the Nation’s First Dedicated Night Carrier

ISBN:  978-0-9838869-1-4

USS Bonne Homme Richard

John G. Lambert


Background related to the book:



In the US Naval Reserve

John  served in a squadron for 9 months aboard  the CVA-31, USS Bonne Homme Richard. in the 1965-1966 era.


The Bon Homme Richard was a Essex Class carrier that actually served with the CVL-22 during the later parts of WWII.

Involved in aviation since 1970,

John built, flew and raced his airplane,

a Burt Rutan designed Varieze.

Varieze at 
Dare Co. Airport, Manteo, NC

The book  has involved approx. 6 years of research, with trips across the nation to places including NARA - The National Archives in College Park, the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Tailhook Association  in San Diego,

to name a few.


John G. Lambert


Email: CVL22history@conwaycorp.net

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