About The Book     CV-22 Later reclassified CVL-22

· 870 Pages

· Hard Cover  8.5”  X  11”   Glossy

· Photos - Approx.  400

· Maps / Charts / Diagrams etc. Approx. 40

· Author / Publisher:   John G. Lambert

· Language:   English


The glossy hardcover 8.5" X 11" book has roughly 4000 photos, and 40 maps, charts and diagrams, with an extensive index.


  Note: The first printing was 784 pages.  It  has been replaced by “Enhanced Edition II” .

 The “Enhanced Edition II” now has 870 pages.



This is a comprehensive history of a fast WWII aircraft carrier, and her air groups.


The book details the ship from concept through construction, launching, outfitting, shakedown and entry into the great Pacific war.


CVL-22 participated in strikes against Japanese held Marcus and Wake Islands, then Rabaul on its way to the Gilberts.


After healing from extensive torpedo damage suffered off Tarawa,

USS Independence remerged as our nation's first dedicated night carrier.


Follow the story of the ship and her aviators in action against the Japanese Empire in the Philippines, Okinawa, Indochina, and onward to the waters off Japan.

































The book was first released with 784 pages, as shown above.

It was printed and received on time for the CVL-22 Reunion

in September 2011,  held in Nashville, TN.



The “Enhanced Edition” released on time for the Navy 2012 “Tailhook Convention” added 50 pages and many more photos.





Squadrons that flew off the USS Independence included:



VF-6                     VF-21, VT-21           VC-22, VF-22, VT-22


VF-27, VT-27    VFN-41, VTN-41          VF-46, VT-46


VF-33 (for one day at Rabaul)



Reviews / Comments


First released at the ship's reunion in September 2011 the book has been extremely well received by the crewmembers and their families.


"Your Independence book is a great one." - Captain A.W. "Willie" Callan USN (Ret) (Hellcat pilot in "Butch" O'Hare's VF-6 division aboard the USS Independence in 1943).


"I am OVERWHELMED By your BOOK" - Harvey Nye (A former CVLGN-41 aircrew member who flew as a gunner in an Avenger off the USS Independence).


" The book is well written and is difficult to put down."  - Charles R. Goemmer - (Brother of Independence crew member Jean Richard Goemmer).


" John Lambert has made a significant contribution to U.S. Naval history." - Michael H. Lee - (Son of a USS Independence VFN-41 Hellcat pilot, I.H. "Hebe" Lee).


"It is a good read, with 784 pages of highly detailed, well ordered facts, and laid out to make it easy to nail down historical content for anyone doing research." - Ronald G. Davis - President of the USS Cabot (CVL-28) Reunion Group.


"excellent and heavily researched book" - CDR Doug Siegfried, USRN (Ret), as reviewed in the Spring 2012 edition of "THE HOOK", the quarterly magazine of the "Tailhook Association". Doug's review closed with:


 "I highly recommend this book. It brings to light what war was like on a carrier in the Pacific on a daily basis and how much we owe to those who fought in WW II."


A War Diary of the Nation’s First Dedicated Night Carrier

ISBN:  978-0-9838869-1-4                     LCCN: 2011914899

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