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A War Diary of the Nationís First Dedicated Night Carrier

Air Groups / Squadrons

Air Group -22

CVLG-22 was aboard the USS Independence CVL-22 from

16 March 1943 through 27 November 1943.


This was the first Air Group to deploy aboard the Independence.


US Navy Carrier Air Group Twenty Two

CVLG-22 consisted of the following squadrons:


VC-22†† Composite Twenty Two

VS-22†† Scouting Twenty Two

VB-22†† Bombing Twenty Two

VF-22†† Fighting Twenty Two

VT-22†† Torpedo Twenty Two

Eventually, this would shake out and simplify to become VF-22 & VT-22

VC-22 SBDsVT-22 TBFsTBF nose-over on the flight deck